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If you are not familiar with the Order of the Pelican, It is the highest award given in the SCA for Service to the Society. It is one of the SCA Peerages, equal in standing with the Knights, Laurels, Defense and Royal Peers.

Pelicans are the people who organize event after event, hold offices, do the paperwork, run around starting new groups, and so on. Members of the Order are called “Master” or “Mistress/Dame” and wear a medallion with the symbol of the Order – a Pelican in its Piety. In medieval times it was thought that pelicans stabbed their breasts and fed their young on their own blood in times of famine, thus the pelican became a symbol of self-sacrifice beyond the call of duty.




Mary Dedwydd verch Gwallter




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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Pelicans do?
How are Pelicans Chosen?
What Happens at Pelican Meetings?
How do you recommend someone for a Pelican?
On Criteria for the Pelican by Cynehild Cynesigesdohtor


Other Information

Welcome to the Order Booklet
Invocation of the Pelican’s Vigil
Sample Pelican Elevation Ceremony
Statutes of the Order of the Pelican

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